THE VILLAGE TODAY (Works already done)
The urbanism, which was seen in the community having the danger to destroy it due to the bad transportation ways, has disappeared. The manufacture of a new street to the city of Nicosia and the conditions that were generally created afterwards the Turkish invasion helped the residents to remain in their village. Thus our Community began to grow and to progress with a fast rhythm. A proof to this are the new houses that accommodate new people.

The big progress in the Community began to emerge over the very last years, where a lot of developmental work has been done, helping thus the growth of the community.

Works like the kindergarten station, where it accommodates departments of infants, pre-elementary education and children's club. The complete upgrade of the municipal school in rooms and auxiliary spaces. The new Community stadium for the needs of two associations of the Community, but also for the youth people. The new water reservoir, which can serve in potable water the regions, which have residences, built at high altitudes. The Community Medical Center. The new offices of the Community Council. The manufacture of pavement which begins from the entry of the village and passes from the municipal school, the kindergarten station and leads to the center of the village with protective rail for the safety of children. The change of the water network, for the supply of potable water, as well as all the placement of water counters, ensuring thus the health of the residents. The asphalt layers of all the streets inside the built-up region and many other works, give a clean picture for the growth that had been done in the community the last years.

What however works out that this progress will have continuity, is the fact that the Community of Kapedes is a young in population community. The half population is students. Around 200 children study in the kindergarten station, the municipal school, the high school and the lyceum.
All these together function for the big progress and growth that exists the last years in the Community of Kapedes.


1. Configuration of the central square with flagstones, lighting, trees etc.
2. Manufacture of a Community park.
3. Registration, maintenance and manufacture of rural streets.
4. Manufacture of new Community buildings where they will accommodate also the Community Medical Center.
5. Transferring of the Community library in the space where is accommodated today the community Medical center and its extension with the enrichment of new books and computers.


The Community Council in collaboration with the Committee of Prosperity of the Community has programmed for the Community Kindergarten, Children's Club and public Kindergarten, the following works:

1. Extension of building of Community Kindergarten with a new room above the existing building where will be accommodated either the Public Kindergarten or the Children's Club.
2. Configuration of the space under the Kindergarten with a small amphitheater and space with plants and games.
3. Manufacture of a swimming-pool in the space of the Kindergarten for the needs of the summer school that functions during the summer months at the Community Kindergarten.


1. Room of a multiple use for the needs of the children of the school where the winter months they cannot deal with the sports due to the bad meteorological conditions, but also for the adults interested in sports as well for the cultural events of the Community.
2. Maintenance and extension of the school buildings where it is needed.

All the above works which for their completion will cost around one million pounds (1.000.000), are put in order of priority accordingly with the needs of the Community, from the Community Council. Expecting in the entire support and economic help of the government, as well as in the collaboration of all the residents of the Community, where with the confidence that they have shown in the new Community Council, they give to it the possibility of working with all the power for the progress, the prosperity and further growth of the Community.