The Nationalist Associations Th.O.I. (Religious Orthodox Institutions) St George of Kapedes were established in 1955 and until today they play a leading role and actively participate in the moral, the spiritual, as well as the financial uplift of the village Kapedes.

The goal of the Association was and is the cultivation of Greek-Christian ideals, the village's spiritual, athletic, and cultural activities, and the development of a spirit of solidarity and mutual aid amongst the members and friends of the association -as well as of all the inhabitants.

Like all Nationalist-Religious Institutions, the association Th.O.I. of Kapedes also was a centre where fighters were initiated into the struggle for liberation from the British conquerors. Many of the association's members joined the ranks of E.O.K.A. (Greek Organisation of Cypriot Fighters) and offered their services for the purposes of the struggle.

Four of the association's members paid for their love of the fatherland with their blood.

George Zacharias was killed while fighting in December of 1963, next to the Olympiakos club.

Andreas Prodromou was murdered in cold blood by the Turks in May of 1963, between the villages Analyontas and Marki.

Kyriakos Neokleous was killed in July of 1974, while fighting against the Turkish invaders in the battles between the Nicosia Airport and Gerolakkos.

And Kostas Kapsalis , a recruit soldier of the 32 nd Commando Battalion, after receiving orders form that era's commandment of the National Guard, was killed by "brotherly" bullets on that ill-fated day on the 15 th of July 1074, during the operation against the Presidential Palace.

Today the association has around 70 members and it is housed in a magnificent, privately owned building at the centre of the village. It is even more brightened by the monument that has been set up by the building's entrance, reminding to everyone the great sacrifice of its Hero members.

The association has a soccer team, which plays in various championships of the Soccer Federation E.P.O.P.L., achieving great distinctions. It has conquered its league's title several times, the title in Champion's League of E.P.O.P.L. once, has been crowned Federation Cup winner three times, and has also received the cup of the Cyprus-wide S.T.O.K. Federation once.

It also has a teen's team, which has also conquered its league's title three times and the title of the E.P.O.P.L. teen's championship once. Furthermore, the Association has a soccer academy.

It has a Cultural Society with dance groups -consisting of children, teenagers, and adults -a theatre group and a choir, organising with them the various events and displays of the Association.

The dance group, apart from the association's events, also participates in various other events in Cyprus as well as abroad (Greece and Malta).

The Cultural Society of the association has conducted a twinning with the Cultural and Educational Association of Rizia in Evros in 1988, conducting exchanges between the two groups.

Generally the Th.O.I. of Kapedes, ever since it was founded, is having a note-worthy contribution to the National, Athletic, Cultural, and Social life. It gets involved in all the matters of public interest in the Community, actively participating and always aiding in the efforts for an upgrade and the uplift of the entire community.


Established in 1986 in the village of Kapedes by a group of people that had sports and matters of public interest as their vision. Today the Soccer & Sports Association of Kapedes (PAOK), having an 18 year old course in the community, has something more to offer to the inhabitants of the village. During the association's course various clubs have been created, which have as a goal to promote culture in the community and also in the surrounding region.

Our association, although established in 1986, was housed in a privately owned building in 1996. In this new building a monument was constructed, dedicated to the 4 resistance heroes of the association that fell in battle while defending the Democracy during the treacherous coup d'etat of July 1974. Every year the association honours Charalampos Christofi, Anastasis Christofi, Pantelakis Charalampous, and Christakis Kompou by organising an annual memorial in the village. The association's inauguration and also the unveiling of the monument were done in 1999 by the -then -President of the Parliament, Mr Spyros Kyprianou.

The soccer club of our association plays in the rural league of POEL with successful results, something made evident by the many trophies that decorate our club's trophy-case. Mainly young people of our association constitute the club in question, most of them playing in the association's team on a voluntary basis. Every year in September our association organises a soccer tournament in memory of the association's heroes with soccer clubs from the surrounding region taking part in it.

Another cultural society of our association is the Theatre club. Our association's theatre club consists of association's members. The "actors" put on old Cypriot plays, which are performed before the public for the purpose of its entertainment and also so as to remind them of Cyprus's tradition. Many times our association's theatre club has participated in the amateur theatre contest, which CTO (Cyprus Theatre Organisation) organises every year, achieving very good results, having earned two first prizes, many distinctions, and praises. It has also developed a collaboration with the Cyprus Youth Organisation and -from time to time -it stages plays in other villages of Cyprus too. This club indelibly runs its course in the cultural happenings, inasmuch as it stages new plays every year.

Our association's dance club also plays an important role, not only in the development of culture in our village but also in the preservation of the old, traditional Cypriot dances. The club, periodically and in various events that take place in the village, is always willing to exhibit its work before the public. The club consists of association members that -with the aid of a tutor -add a traditional colour to the various events end displays.

The association's band also gives a different accent to its events, entertaining the attendees by playing old folkloric and also modern songs.

Our association has as its goal to bring the village's youths closer to culture. It achieves that by organising FUTSAL soccer games, Backgammon and Ping-Pong contests, etc.

Our association's mission is quite important, promoting culture and bringing the young closer. This is the mission that our association is trying to perform and thus far it is successful since the response of the young is great.